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Unboxed: Life in Verse

Cohen New Works Festival, 2019

New Works Festival 2019 15.jpg

"Unboxed: Life in Verse" was performed as part of the Cohen New Works Festival in 2019.


Spoorthi Krishnaraj


Michael Anthony


Khali McDuff-Sykes

Design Director

Arohi Ranade


Eleanor Webster

Anna Dolliver

Johnny Hinderliter

Mario Reyes

Meagan Mcrary

Rachel Aston Warren

Roshan Khan

Viren Joopelli

Saige Larmer

Unboxed: Life in Verse​ is a project under the 2019 Cohen New Works Festival at UT Austin, incorporating a visual take on spoken word poetry. Inspired by real stories written by real people about issues prevalent to our community, ​Unboxed​ seeks to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds by uniting us through the magic of performative storytelling.

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