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A EUTCo Production


"Medea" is a Exeter University Theatre Company production. It was performed in the Barnfield Theatre in March 2020.

Adapted by Tom Paulin

Produced by arrangement with Nick Hern Books


Luke Howlett

Assistant Director

Eleanor Webster


Ryan Mulgrew


MEDEA - Gracie Stanley

JASON - Milly Parker

NURSE - Emma Holtslag


Nina Fidderman

Holly Iremonger

Joanna Goldsmith

CREON - Ludo Graham

AEGEUS/PRINCE - David Joutsikowski

TUTOR - Tom Purtill

Stage Manager

Paula Navarro Flores

Assistant Stage Managers

Jack Crundwell and Qingyang Wang


Kate Barton

Events + Fundraising Manager

Niamh Redden

Publicity Assistant

Anna Chatakondu

A married couple with children splits up. One walks away to protect her reputation. The other refuses to be scorned.

Dating all the way back to 431BC, Medea is a classic tale of motherhood and vengeance. This queer retelling unravels the myth as we know it, in a world not too far removed from our own, where the pressures of society cause every character to suffer.

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