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Daughters of Sunset

A MED Theatre Production

"Daughters of Sunset" is a MED Theatre production performed in September 2020 in Bridford Woodland Park on Dartmoor and Ashcombe Gardens, Simonsbath on Exmoor.


Mark Beeson

Project Co-ordinator/Director

Florrie Taylor


DART - Daniella Sanderson

ESKE - Eleanor Webster

BRUTUS - Jonny Hibbs

SEDNA - Willa Faulkner

PRIESTESS - Linnea Duckworth

GOGMAGOG - Silas Welsh

WHITETHORN - Eleanor Kay

and a community chorus

It is 1100BC, the Bronze Age: two queens - sisters - Dart and Eske, rulers of Dartmoor and Exmoor, govern Dartmoor’s matriarchal society. Off the coast Brutus, an exile from the Mediterranean, has been wrecked by a great storm. MED Theatre uses large-scale puppetry, live music, dance and drama to tell a rich and fast-paced story of violence, love, betrayal and, ultimately, reconciliation.

Moor Voices’, funded by Arts Council England, culminated in outdoor performances on both Dartmoor and Exmoor. ‘Daughters of Sunset’ deals with the possibility of matriarchal societies in the Bronze Age, suggested by the mythology associated with marine mammals. 

The project involved community cast members, emerging artists and professional practitioners who helped to deliver the project alongside the MED Theatre team, including Project Coordinator, Florrie Taylor. 

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