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Eleanor Webster

I am a recent graduate of the BA Drama programme at the University of Exeter. My artistic practice covers a variety of mediums: I write, act in and direct new theatre; I am curating my own devising process; I act in radio, television and voiceover. I am also a facilitator interested in social practice in performance. I am a poet, playwright, and occasional photographer.

My artistic practice reaches across many styles and mediums. I make art about the things that interest me: myth, heritage, politics, and explorations of sexuality, to name a few. I'm also a huge fan of Shakespeare, particularly re-imagined and all-female productions.

Devising Theatre

Over the course of my theatre education, I have developed my own unique devising process, inspired by The Wardrobe Ensemble, with a focus on ethical rehearsal practices. My priority is to creatively empower an ensemble by creating a collaborative practice, encouraging them to take initiative and have agency over their own creativity. I aim to not just create a cast, but a community, who are mutually supportive both emotionally and artistically. Most recent productions include: S A F A R I (2018); Accidents and Emergencies (2018); Und (2017).

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