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Midnight in Malaya

Cohen New Works Festival 2019

New Works Festival 2019 02.jpg

"Midnight in Malaya" was performed as part of the Cohen New Works Festival, 2019.


Jeffrey Gan


Eleanor Webster


Jeffrey Gan

Sarah Knight

Abdullah Yusuf

Eleanor Webster

Aruna Kharod

Harrison Montgomery

Attia Rasul

Kathy Guerrero

Cameron Hah

Joshua Harvey

MIDNIGHT IN MALAYA is a durational performance installation in the Gamelan room at the Butler School of Music. Part immersive meditative ritual and part feat of physical endurance, MIDNIGHT explores time zones, diaspora, and building community across difference. A team of 10 performers shift in and out of the space, activating it with soft streams of spoken text, hypnotic movement cycles, and the sound of bells and gongs over the course of one SE Asian night/Texan day.

You are invited to come and go as you please throughout the course of the installation. Stay for 15 minutes and get a taste of the experience - stay for several hours and watch the installation wax and wane.

To enter the space, passengers are required to remove their shoes, check their bags at the gate, and offer up all cellphones and watches. Once boarded, passengers are free to move about the cabin, sit on the floor using provided mats, and perhaps sleep.

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