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What exactly is a teaching artist?

Teaching artistry, for me, is an essentially important part of being an artist that contributes to their community in a more direct, hands-on approach. I believe in the healing power of art, and using art and drama as a tool to access overlooked voices in our society.


My Philosophy

I am a teaching artist because I want to give back to the community and share art with the world; to expand art outside middle class theatre and gallery spaces.  

When I work as an artist, I try to bring my political values into my work, even if they are not in the final production. I can’t create without passion, freedom, and the ability to explore my own interests. I want my art to inspire, to educate, to speak in ancient tongues, to tap into a need for expression which has not been accessed yet, to contribute to society.

Sample Curriculum

Making Art Our Own

November 2018

A group facilitation at the Blanton Art Museum in Austin, Texas. We designed a lesson plan for 11-12 year olds which centred around two art pieces and the theme of identity.

Making Art Our Own Part 2: Lee Elementary

A follow up hour long class conducted at Lee Elementary with the same students. We explored identity through sculpture and poetry.

November 2018

TA Development Lab

A development lab created for a class at the University of Texas at Austin to share our ideas for the Blanton museum.

November 2018

In-class facilitation

An opening activity tailored to the lesson plan of a class in UT Austin.

October 2018

Let's collaborate

Are you an art enjoyer wanting to find out more about a particular project? Are you a venue interested in hosting one of these projects? Perhaps you'd like to commission a piece about something that's important to you? Please drop me a line- I am super excited to see what we could make together!

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